Mechanix FastFit Gloves Review

  • Mechanic FastFit Gloves in HiViz Orange
    Mechanix FastFit Gloves Review

The Mechanix FastFit gloves are a nice low cost set of gloves.

Mechanix offers the glove in several colors.  I chose the Hi-Viz orange.  Using the Mechanix size chart, I chose a size medium.  I was a little nervous as I normally wear a large in most other gloves.  As it turns out, the size chart is correct and the medium fit me perfectly.

The glove itself is easy to put on or take off thanks to a small elastic band around the wrist. There aren’t any clasps or Velcro straps to worry about.  The glove has a 95% polyester / 5% spandex mesh backing and a synthetic leather palm with a suede-like feel to it.  They do go a bit overboard with tags in my opinion; there are 3 on each glove.  There is one sewn on the wrist cuff, an annoying paper tag inside the glove, and a small tag on the side of the glove.  It’s as if the large Mechanix Gloves logo printed 3 times wasn’t enough of a clue to who makes them.

Once the gloves are on they are very comfortable.  They are very light and breathe well thanks to the mesh backing.  Working on a hot, humid day is much more enjoyable with these vs a nitrile glove or heavier duty fabric gloves.  On the flip side, most people wouldn’t want to use these in winter as the cold and wind would go right through them.

I also really like the Mechanix synthetic leather palm and finger material.  Too many gloves try to make fancy designs on the bottom of the glove and finger tips with plastic or rubbery material that just makes it hard to grab things.  With the constant bottom of this glove, grabbing even small automotive fasteners is relatively easy.  It also provides some decent protection when trying to feel for something in the abyss of an engine bay.

Being a light glove has a downside though: protection.  If a wrench slips and you smack your hand on something, there is little padding to absorb the impact.  You will feel most of it, however, the fabrics used do a good job of protecting the skin from scratches and cuts.

Overall, I would have to say this will be my new go-to work glove.  I really like the breathability as well as the good grip of the synthetic leather.  I don’t think anything comes close in the under $20 price point.

8.5 Total Score

The Mechanix FastFit gloves are a nice low cost set of gloves for use in nice weather.

  • Good fit
  • Breathable back
  • Synthetic leather grip from palm to fingers
  • Easy on and off
  • No impact protection
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