Vessel Impact Driver JIS Review

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    Vessel Impact Driver JIS Review
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    Vessel Impact Driver JIS Review

Removing the rotor screws on an imported vehicle can be a real pain…Unless you have the right tool

Most people try to remove them with a Phillips screwdriver or a power impact.  Both of those just strip the screw requiring one to drill out the screw to remove.  The issue is, those screws might look like a Phillips but are actually JIS type screws.

JIS screws are commonly found in Japanese and Korean automobiles and motorbikes.  Most can be identified by a dot or an X to one side of the cross slot.  Cheaper versions lack markings but the slots look like a cleaner cross compared to a Phillips.

Vessel is a Japanese company that makes quality tools, mostly screwdrivers and bits.  For this application, they make the Vessel 25001 Impact set.

The set includes a hand impact tool and 4 high quality bits.  The bits are#2, #3, #4 and a 10mm slotted.  A 1/2″ drive socket can be used if you remove the bit adapter.

Using the tool is very straight forward.  Find the right bit for the fastener and insert into the impact. Hold the impact tightly against the fastener and give it a whack with a hammer. The impact uses the force of the hammer to both push the bit tight to the screw and turn it slightly. After an impact or two from the hammer, the fastener should come loose.

The Vessel impact is a must have tool for someone that works with older Japanese motorcycles or any Asian import vehicles.


9.3 Total Score

Built like a tank with the best JIS bits in the business

  • Excellent Bits
  • Quality Construction
  • None
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