Felo Frico 500 Series Screwdrivers Review

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    Felo Frico 500 Series Screwdrivers Review
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    Felo Frico 500 Series Screwdrivers Review

Screwdrivers are an important tool for everyone.  Having a good set can be the difference between an easy fix and frustration.

The #2 Phllips is one of the most commonly used screws in America.  It is also one of the most demanding.  An ill-fitting driver can cause a number of issues from stripping the screw head to a hard screw damaging the tip of a driver.  A tight fit is key as it will prevent the driver from camming out.

One of the ways I like to test this is to hold a Phillips driver horizontally and put a screw on the end.  If the screw falls, I move on to the next driver, if it sticks, you have a potential winner.

One of the recent winners of this test was the 500 series from Felo. Felo is a tool manufacturer located in Germany.  As part of their Frico line of drivers, the screwdrivers feature a black and red handle with a nice soft touch to them.  The handles are very comfortable to me and using them for long periods of time doesn’t cause any soreness.  The tips are also machined well, gripping every fastener as they should.

The 500 Series is available in Slotted, Phillips, Torx and Pozidriv.  They also make a 1/4” bit holder driver to allow for other fastener types.  Step up to the 550 series and the drivers have a full-length blade with hexagon bolster and steel striking cap.   Felo also has a lifetime warranty on these drivers.


8.8 Total Score

A great driver at an excellent price

  • Comforable handles
  • Excellent Tips
  • Writing on handles may wear
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